Q: What can I expect from your solutions?

A: Our solutions are made by professionals for medical physicists, physicists, scientists and engineers etc. We expect that you will be happy with our products and services. Should you at any time seek support because one of your needs are not met however, we will document your concerns and work to improve what we offer. We see opportunity for expansion and improvement in your criticism, questions and requests.

Q: What does P2P stand for?

A: P2P stands for ‘Peer-to-Peer’, and has its origins in computing and networking. It describes an architecture that partitions tasks or workloads among peers. Peers are equally privileged, equipotent participants in this application. These are described as forming a peer-to-peer network of nodes, which fits idea of the medical physics community and all their peers perfectly. This makes P2P Medical Physics Interaction a pretty good name for what we do.


Q: Why should I use centralizing-software like P2P INTERPACT?

A: P2P INTERPACT allows you access to your data from any treatment device from any location at any time on any internet-capable device with a browser. Combined with networking capabilities, this platform will keep you and colleagues informed as to the status of all of your devices in real time.
INTERPACT is made to connect all data of all your tasks, devices and machines. Being responsible for your devices and machines you want to be able to check and monitor all parameter you consider important. Don't trust the manufacturer you want to check. Be independent and you truly can check all parameters, monitor and compare. And at the same time you cover protocols like TG-142.

Q: What makes P2P INTERPACT better than other applications?

A: The goal of MPI is to support and improve radiation therapy specially for the staff like medical physicists and dosimetrists. Having this said MPI was the first company who offered independent and mobile solutions to manage technical data of clinics (like TG-142). The universal applicability and accessibility of this platform, a virtually failsafe programming language that is nearly infinitely flexible in its customizability, and improved networking and user-management capabilities make this application unparalleled in its applicability and ease of use. The transparency and sustainability that arises from this system allows for a level of quality control that raises the standard of care in any facility that INTERPACT is employed in. Enjoy the benefits of a system that will increase the efficiency, flexibility and efficiency of its users.

Uptime Tracker

Q: What does a 'Uptime Tracker' do and why is it not listed?

A: The Uptime Tracker is made to track and monitor all of your devices. You know this possibly like Linac Uptime Tracker what used to be a spreadsheet. As most of us do this application saves all information, uptimes, downtimes and faults. Additionally this Uptime Tracker keeps history of your device and actions and accidentally losing information etc. is practically impossible. If you use INTERPACT most of the actions to keep track is done anyway so there is no additional workload.
This solution is currently in beta testing and not available.

Study Management System / Online Questionnaire System

Q: What is Study Management System / Online Questionnaire System?

A: The Study Management System was made to create questionnaires independent of number of questionnaires and independent of programming knowledge. And it needed to cover all requirements for clinical studies like RTOG's so clinics can work online and move away from paper sheets. This system was specially designed to meet clinical requirements. Study Management System truly replaces questionnaires on paper. Patients can reply online e.g. while waiting in the waiting area, doctors can check their replies immediately and the workload is reduced. For a fixed price!

Product ordering

Q: What’s the best way to place an order?

A: The easiest way to order is through email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). You can also do so by fax and letter. FYI the international web shop had to be disabled until further notice. Payment can be completed online via credit card and PayPal™, through wire transfer, direct billing etc. Please do not hesitate to add special instructions to your order, and don’t forget to include your email address for a fast response.


Q: How do I choose a shipping method?

A: We usually ship with FedEx® and UPS® unless you request a different service. We try to keep shipping costs as low as possible. We can typically provide an accurate shipping quote before your order goes out. Shipping costs are added to your final bill.