Platform for solutions

We create customizable tools for medical physicists that allow you to view and manage your data from any location with an internet connection.

The tools that we develop are not only compatible with our own platforms, but are designed to (soon) be compatible with third-party applications.

Our tools are utilizable with the central P2P INTERPACT platform, onto which data in virtually any format can be uploaded, saved and compared. This tool was created specifically for the field of medical physics, and allows its users to connect to any measurement or treatment device, irrespective of manufacturer, make, or model.

Upgrading P2P INTERPACT with networking and user-management capabilities allows you to gain oversight of device data in real time from any location and user in the network.

Data indicative of a problem can be seen immediately and will soon be evaluable using calculation tools that are under development.

All basic solutions are available in our shop for free. We are committed to creating a transparent system and fostering independence for medical physicists and physicians.

Look into one of our service contracts for premium support of any and all of our products.

Stay flexible with a lease of one or our products and let us take care of the hassle.

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